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Borrel Goldenberg
(Technical CEO - General Electric - United States)
GE Money Bank project
According to Peter Christ (Project Manager at Avaya Switzerland) meets with Borrel:

“I've had a real good confrontation yesterday. I've met Borrel Goldenberg at GE site in Switzerland (together with Tamas, you can ask him). He was speaking a lot... but there was one sentence that was the most important for me: "I know, the German people don't like DreamBells, but I know they are really good!”

“Janos, I trust in you and your company. I really know that you are the guys which are able to get this project to a success! I've sent an email and also left a voice mail to Armin telling him, that I'm not going to upgrade without you!!!”

Peter Christ
(Project Manager at Avaya Switzerland)
SwissCom support

“Yesterday we have had a debriefing meeting. Everything is works as expected and we do not have any technical problems or open tasks.
I would like to thank you for your well appreciated support. Your visit was of big help and I look forward to seeing you. “

Juergen Brath
(Avaya Germany- Project Manager)
GE Money Bankproject - IP address change on the Hannover Site (preparation of CM3 upgrade and changing the system to ESS and connecting to the Poland Main server) 

“This success has been achieved due to brilliant teamwork and almost 24 hours of continuous work. I'd like to thank all those who took part in this step of the project and who helped making it a success.”

Peter Evans
(AVAYA - EMEA Programme Director)
AMEX CM3 upgrade project 

“Endre did a great job under extreme circumstances. Many Thanks. -Peter E
[...] Many thanks - now I know why I contacted you. -Peter E “

Noureddin Bagheri
(AVAYA Global Services Organization | Regional CS&I Program Manager, MENA; Dubai - United Arab Emirates)
 CMS project, - Pakistan 

Thank you for sharing below, and also for the professional support provided by DreamBells."

Saïdjah Rozenblad
(Project Manager | Avaya Nederland B.V.)
 H&M project (CM - ESS installation)

"Thank you for your help. Attila and you did an excellent job in very difficult circumstances. I liked working with him. Who knows we will do that again in the future. "


Alexander Stee
(Area Services Lead Austria | Avaya)
 BAWAG project (duplicated CCE 4.0 installation)

"Hi Janos,
firstly, let me say thank you to you and your guys for the support given and the hard work done within the BAWAG Project…

Our CCE implementation references:

  • Anthill Ltd., Sweden – CCE 3.0 installation, 950 CCE desktop agents, 1 central location and 6 remote locations in different countries.
  • TUI Traveling Agency, Sweden – CCE 3.0 installation, 550 CCE desktop agents, 1 central location and 4 remote locations in different countries.
  • Salus Answar, Sweden – CCE 3.0 installation, 350 CCE desktop agents, 1 central location and 150 remote desktop locations.
  • BAWAG Austria – CCE 4.0 duplicated system implementation. 100 agent, 2 sites, rules plugin development, pop-up configuration, internet explorer session initiation integration. Witness voice recording integration on the CCE desktop.

Our Biggest Contact Center implementation References:

Global Bilgi, Turkey

Scope: Communication Manager programming, Call Flow optimization plan preparing, Call Flow programming, IP network planning and implementation, Port Network implementation, BSR (Best Service Routing) between the Call Center sites planning, fault repairing and programming. UAT (User Acceptance Tests).
Size: - over 4 000 seats (agents) on 9 different locations, carries out over 300 million transactions, 70 million calls with 54 percent market share (outsourcing in 2006) per year. Preceding statistical data prove that Global Bilgi has capacity to manage country operations cost effectively and fast in Turkey and is among the top 5% in EMEA region (with its size and capacity).

EDS Hungary

Scope: Communication Manager installation, Call Center programming (Call Flows, IP trunks, IP connect). CM3.0 upgrade from CM2.2 - main site and the remote site, firmware upgrades, project planning, UAT.
Size: HP completed its acquisition of EDS on Aug. 26, 2008., HP: operates in approximately 170 countries worldwide. 304 000 employees. With more than 3,000 individual agents processing in excess of 2.5 million calls a month in over 30 contact centers for more than 200 clients across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), EDS, an HP company required a centralized contact centre solution with streamlined processes, maximum flexibility and near complete transparency. The EDS agents in EMEA support more than 24 different languages.

Amex AMEX-Netherlands-Amsterdam

Scope: CM3 upgrade (CM3.1.3), platform change to S8720 servers, project planning, cutover strategy planning, UAT.
Size: American Express Company sometimes known as "AmEx" or "Amex", is a diversified global financial services company that is headquartered in New York City. Founded in 1850, it is one of the 30 components of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The company is best known for its credit card, charge card, and traveler's cheque businesses. Amex cards account for approximately 24% of the total dollar volume of credit card transactions in the US, the highest of any card issuer.
BusinessWeek and Interbrand ranked American Express as the 22nd most valuable brand in the world, estimating the brand to be worth US$14.97 billion.
Employees worldwide: 67,701 (2008)

T-Mobile Hungary

Scope: CM3 upgrade from Definity R11, S8700 platform change (300 agents Call Center). Labor pre installation of the servers, IP Settings, software upload, license file, HW installation, translation download from the “old” system, necessary changes in the Translation (because of the CM3/S8700 platform change) and then upload to the new servers, testing of the Call Center (UAT – User Acceptance Tests).
Customer brief: T-Mobile International is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of mobile communication, offering mobile services under the name of T-Mobile in Germany, United Kingdom, United States, the Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovakia and Hungary. The services of the T-Mobile group are used by more than 121 million subscribers worldwide.

Genpact Hungary

Scope: CM 3.0.1 upgrade Budapest main site-remote site, Romania 2 Remote site, CMS R13 upgrade-platform change (SunFire V880 platform); CM3.0-CM3.1.2 upgrade (600 agents Call Center), AES Installation, Expanded Meet-me Conferencing (EMMC) installation, project planning, UAT.
Brief company info: Genpact serves over 400 clients, 30+ of whom are from the Global
500. Headcount world wide : 38,600; Revenues: $1.12 Billion (2009)

T-mobile- T-com Synergy Project, Croatia

Business Background: T-mobile and T-com has decided to move forward to create a Call Center architecture which can be used by the both company’s business with sharing the two existing Call Center system resources. The system „Synergy” will give both of the companies the advantage of an easier manageable Call Center environment with decreasing the operational costs and parallel increasing the efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Scope: merging 2 different CM main controllers into 1 CM main controller at T-mobile; merging 2 different CM main controllers into 1 CM main controller at T-com;
CM5 CC upgrade and installation (850 agents) on 6 sites (S8730, G650s).
Project planning, IP network region planning and implementation, dial-plan change and call flow clean up to harmonize T-mobile with T-com Croatia, AES installation, moving the existing Call Center sites to a Data Center and between the sites, Cut-over- merging T-com & T-mobile Call Centers into one Synergy System, UAT.
First week support.

Maintenance Support and Dedicated on-site Support References:

Hungarian Telecom (T-Com Hungary) – 2005-2008. (2 engineers)

MKB Bank – 2005-2007. (1 engineer)

IBM Hungary – 2006; 2009 Sept.- continuously (3 engineers)

GE EOS Hungary – 2005-2006. (2 engineers)

Genpact Hungary – 2006-2007 (2 engineers)

Anthill / Sweden – 2006- continuously (3 engineers)

Citigroup - Citibank Hungary – 2008- continuously (7 engineers)

Transcom Hungary – 2007-2008 (1 engineers)

BelgaCom, Belgium – 2012 May-July (2 engineers) – SIP introduction and testing

Bosch Germany/Stuttgart Data Center– 2012.Oct. - (2 engineers) – SIP introduction and testing

Deutsche Bank, Germany/Frankfurt Data Center – 2012.July – 2013. July (3 engineers)


Installation References:



T-Mobile Hungary








K&H Bank


Hungarian Telecom (MATÁV)


HVB Bank

T-Com Hungary


Morgan Stanley





GE Money Bank



IBM Austria

GE Money Bank


GE Money Bank




ELTEL Networks- Bonnier

National Danske Spil



H&M Netherlands






Salus Ansvar



Morgan Stanley









KFOR Military Bases


Ministry of Defense - Military Bases





Saudi Arabia

Arab National Bank