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Avaya and its Business Partners in the EMEA region can utilize our professional resources as an extension, not a replacement or outsourced team. We are going beyond the traditional partnership.

We are committed as a Service Delivery Partner to give consulting, implementation and maintenance services with the highest professionalism to Avaya and Business Partners of Avaya in the EMEA region.

We can co-manage your critical services fields or perform the prompt interventions while your team can focus on the top business priorities. You maintain the control and make strategic decisions while using our resources for day-to-day operations

Our Goals:

 We would like to become the most reliable delivery partner in Hungary and in the EMEA region. Currently this is already the case within Hungary where we have become one of the most significant Services Delivery Partner. We would like to continuously increase our expertise, capacity and build onwards the existing good and flexible partnership we have with Avaya and its business partners.

Please don't hesitate to contact us, if you have any further question!