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Dreambells sees itself as a consistent and reliable provider in the ever-changing IT and communication markets. 

As an Avaya Service Delivery Partner, we have been providing our services within Hungarian-speaking territories since 2005 and outside of Hungary also. In order to assure a maximum level of quality, security as well as individuality, we work together with notable national and international partners, such as Avaya, Cisco, Sun or Solaris. In conjunction with our clear internal company structure and a high degree of flexibility, we fulfill the requirements necessary for remaining competitive in the challenging telecommunication market, well into the future.

As our customer, you are our top priority. We understand service in the best sense of the word – service to the customer. This starts with a competent and individual consultation, to establish your special needs and to be able to offer you the ideal product customized to fit your requirements. In the process, it is our goal to provide you with an integrated and reliable solution for your telecommunication by bundling various products.

Dream Bells had past its 10th birthday!
The past 10 years were not easy to make going against the economical crisis, but we did it!
Dream Bells has achieved a significant increase in providing implementation services internationally and had been involved in the most significant On-site Maintenance service project at Citibank in the EMEA region.

We believe that the solid, excellent Engineering knowledge and the hard work will help to achieve our goals.